Anthropocenes 2020

Anchored in Katowice, Poland where the conference was originally meant to take place, the event gathers researchers, academics, writers and artists to discuss the crisis that has just exploded right before our eyes to let us experience the effects of the Anthropocene on the microscale of our daily lives.

Taking up the perspective in a practical way by moving the event online, we want to re-kindle the discussion on how humans utilize the common habitat and abuse their power in the shared space thus coalesced under the moniker of the Anthropocene, gathered under a number of critical assumptions, speculations, and diagnoses.

The subtitle – reworking the wound – specifies the debate’s trajectory, showing that what we have considered a space of convalescence is, in fact, a space of an active infection. With it, we seek to examine the possibilities for exploring the existing damage, as well as responses (not necessarily solutions) to its outcomes.

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