Ana María Guerra

Pishku is an interdisciplinary collaboration with the biology department at the Catholic University of Quito to adapt their platform Bioweb.bio for children. Bioweb.bio is the largest repository of information on Ecuadorian biodiversity and provides access to a database of 9000 species and a vast library of multimedia elements, including more than 280,000 images and audio files. Ecuador is the most biodiverse country in the world per area, so it presents an exemplar sample for observing and tracking species at risk of extinction. The work aims to use digital interaction to facilitate learning through constructivist theories in the context of STEM education. The presentation will cover the first phase of the project, where I interviewed Juan Freile who directs the Bioweb birds group. His ornithological work focuses on the distribution, diversity, and conservation of Ecuador’s birds. In 2019, he published the ‘Lista Roja de las Aves de Ecuador’ to track species which are in danger of extinction. I will share my ideas of why it is relevant to use an interdisciplinary approach between art and science in the education of birds’ conservation. My analysis will be based on Richard O. Prum’s theories from his book ‘The Evolution of Beauty’.

Ana María Guerra is a visual artist and PhD candidate in Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her research and work focus on interdisciplinary collaborations between art and science to raise awareness in society about human impact on other species and the environment. She studied at the University of the Arts in London, where she completed a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Photography in 2016. Her work has been exhibited in England, China and the United States; and has been published in media specialized in new trends in contemporary art around Europe.

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