Przemysław Degórski

Sound agency in the context of acoustic ecology and Timothy Morton’s hyperobjects In my presentation I would like to reshow the soundscape concept created by Raymond Murray Schafer. I would like to extend its range with a contemporary ecological perspective represented by such philosophers as Bruno Latour or Timothy Morton. The acoustic ecology introduced by Schafer in 1960s is based on the strictly anthropocentric model where a human is surrounded by the sound events or the sound environments. The sound in this case is reflecting humans cultural, historical, sociological and economical transitions – the changes that are constituted only within external relations between the human and the environment, only within a human perception. The advent of Anthropocene epoch re-evaluated the status of the human in the environment. Along with the posthuman tendencies it has blended the human among other non-human beings creating the relationships of equal potential of agencies on both sides. Timothy Morton adopts the zero-person perspective and the hyperobject model in the way of thinking about the landscape – the human is not a third-person observer but is included in the landscape with all of his surroundings (including the acoustical environment). I would like to translate this non-anthropocentric way of thinking about ecological connections into the contemporary ways of using soundscapes (i.e.Dunn, Crutchfield – soundscape research on the bark beetle and Monica Gagliano’s plant biocommunication research). I would like to present how the sound and the soundscape can be the autonomous, dynamic non-human agent. I would also note how this kind of relationships enhances the way of perceiving the acoustic reality and creates the aforementioned Morton’s zero-perspective in which the human not only observes changes in the acoustic space but also interact with the independent sound agency.

Przemysław Degórski. Composer, conductor, media artist, researcher; graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in 2018 (Interactive Media and Performance). In 2018 he started Phd studies at Institute of Theatre and Media Art at Adam Mickiewicz University. He is the member of Interdisciplinary Research Center Humanities/Art/Technology at AMU. In his research he is interested in exploring direct relationships and interactions between the sound and the movement, analysing sonic relations within sound environments. As an art&science artist he incorporates interactive technologies in his projects, working with dancers sonificating motion.

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