Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond -Skeaping

Can we consider climate change as a symptom of post-extractivist stress disorder when we examine it as a form of slow violence (R.Nixon)? In this session we will present our artist film and photographic works addressing Loss and Damage as Athroposcenary Capitloscenary, that describes the visible wounds created during the extraction of fossil fuels, the landfall of a hurricane or the burning of a wildfire and approaches an understanding of the less tangible traumas of displacement and Solastalgia (G.Albrecht). We will then go on to explore how the “memories of the future” offered to us through the political and moral leadership of the climate-vulnerable seek to holistically heal, whilst authoritarian technocratic future scenarios threaten to rub salt into the wound. 

Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond- Skeaping are an artist’s collaboration working with a combination of photography, artist’s film, installation, virtual reality simulation and research. Their work considers the relationship between climate change, environmental degradation, human rights and geopolitics, and the ethics and aesthetics of documentary and journalistic practice.

In 2016 they were awarded Culture and Climate Change: Future Scenarios Networked Residency supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, The University of Sheffield, The Open University and The Ashden Trust. As part of the residency, they have collaborated with climate researchers and policymakers from Tyndall Centre for Climate Research, International Institute for Environment and Development, International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Dhaka and NGO’s UNHCR, Jesuit Refugee Services, producing work in Bangladesh, Nepal, Uganda, Lao PDR, United Kingdom and The United States of America.

In 2019 Dobrowolska & Ormond-Skeaping were awarded COAL Prize on Climate, Disaster, Displacement supported by the Coalition for Art and Sustainable Development and François Sommer Foundation. They have presented their work at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties COP25 in Madrid to climate negotiators. They are currently working on the speculative futuristic short film about climate displacement.

Recent exhibitions include: Future Scenarios, Museum of Natural History Bienal Fotografia Do Porto (2019), Future Scenarios ,Kunst Haus Wien Museum Hundertwasser (2019), Taxed to the Max: At least you are not afraid to live life on the brink of chaos, Noorderlicht International Photography Festival (2019), Human Nature, Fotofestiwal Lodz (2018).

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