Michał Krawczyk

“In the natural apiary”, filmed together with natural beekeeper Danilo Colomela in the island of Sicily (Italy), is an immersive cinematic experience into the practice of natural beekeeping. Through experimental aesthetics, the film aims to sensorially explore the landscape of the natural apiary and the human engagement with the more-than-human world of Apis Mellifera.  

Michał Krawczyk is a PhD candidate at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) within the field of Environmental Humanities. His work combines ethnography with cinema, and he is currently developing an ethnographic project to be lived with two families practicing permaculture in Italy and Australia. His first film ‘Yuyos’ (2018), co-directed with Giulia Lepori (PhD candidate at Griffith University), has been screened worldwide through 2018-2019. Their new visual project ‘LAND/SCAPE’, a multispecies collaboration between donkeys and humans is currently being submitted to film festivals. For more info on Michał’s work please visit: https://vimeo.com/earthcare

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