Conference Platform Manual

Welcome to the ANTHROPOCENES. REWORKING THE WOUND conference platform.

The platform breaks down into five sections:

XYZ: The Wound
A: Diagnosis
B: Narrative
C: Practice
D: Art

Each section comprises a selection of presentations, panels and workshops grouped thematically. This includes conference keynote addresses (see Program overview).

Each section stands for a given conference day and will be released according to the following timeline:

This is to recreate the conditions of a live event and better organize the conference debate.

Unlike a traditional live conference, this event does not operate according to a conventional timetable, that is, it does not organize and sequence presentations by time slots.

This is to avoid the traps and inconveniences of a synchronic online event, and to increase convenience for accessing, contemplating and participating in the debate, for audiences and speakers across a number of time zones.

All registered conference participants will be able to leave their feedback by means of comments. We encourage taking the conference discussions beyond the platform space, organizing independent meetings whose whereabouts might be specified in the comment thread belonging to each presentation, panel, and workshop.

Registration. On 16 June, each conference participant will receive an email with a link, login an password to unlock the conference content. Please remember that the materials will be released day by day, as presented in the event timeline. Tickets. Non-presenting audients interested in taking part in the event will be able to buy tickets that allow conference registration and access to all conference materials. The tickets will be available on SLSeu’s website

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose “Conference Ticket”.

The access will NOT arrive automatically. To get it, please, email us to: and after the ticket purchase.

We will send you login details within two hours of purchase during the conference days (17-20 June) and within two working days after the conference. The website will be on for another 3 months or so after the event’s dedicated time.

This procedure is to AVOID PayPal services. Please, understand.

Also, please, bear in mind time zones and time difference.

For further queries, contact us at

The conference Team is there, keeping vigil.